Oil paintings on canvas are beautiful and everlasting in their appeal. The Mona Lisa, painted by Leonardo da Vinci in the 16th Century is still famous for its artistic and timeless beauty. Oil paintings created by the Great Masters of art can be great additions to your home, but acquiring the original masterpieces may not be monetarily feasible. Needless to say, we all know that you can’t have the original Mona Lisa gracing your living room! That is where reproduction paintings come in. Reproduction paintings are your one stop solution for decorating your home with great quality artwork at a fraction of the price.

Reproduction paintings are created by first acquiring a highly detailed photograph of the original artwork for reference. With that in hand, the artist gets to work. An outline is first created on a blank artist grade canvas, and then painted layer by layer with colors of oil paint. The process of hand-painted reproduction of artwork is a time-consuming process, often requiring days or even weeks to finish. The canvas and colors used in reproduction painting always resemble that of the original, and are often superior in quality compared to the actual artwork.

Reproduction paintings, once created, are coated with clear lacquer to make them water and dust proof. This protects the oil painting and greatly extends its life. A reproduction of an oil painting often comes with a warranty of some kind. So, if you find any defects in the oil painting after you have purchased it, simply ask your dealer or retailer for a replacement.

Reproduction paintings can be easily acquired if you look for them online. Many online sites, such as www.GlobalWholesaleArt.com, offer magnificent hand-painted reproduction paintings at very reasonable prices. Reproduction oil paintings require the utmost skill to be created properly. Consider this fact carefully when buying hand-painted oil paintings online. It is best if you buy from websites that have an impeccable reputation, utilize highly trained artists, and are rated by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

Once you have purchased a reproduction painting, make sure you hang it up properly. Add proper lighting to bring out the inner beauty of the artwork. Also, hang it in a prominent place, where it is readily visible to all. Reproduction oil paintings will no doubt add an elegant look to your home, while giving the owner years of viewing pleasure! So, go ahead, get a reproduction oil painting for your home today and give it a artistic makeover!

Vincent Van Gogh (30 March 1853 – 29 July 1890) was one of the greatest Dutch artists and a forerunner of the post-impressionism genre of painting. With his unique style and rich usage of colors, Van Gogh made unprecedented advancements in the field of this all new genre of artistry.

Van Gogh did not try his hand at being an artist before 1880. He had previously undertaken various professions like being an assistant to an art dealer, a clerk and various others. He also worked as a preacher and later as a missionary, though he was unsuccessful on both of those stints.

During his early years as an artist, Van Gogh specialized in creating pencil sketches of various objects and sceneries. He always advocated learning how to draw before moving on to using colors. He advised about learning the standard rules of modeling and perspective, all of which, he said, “you have to know just to be able to draw the least thing.” This devotion in his learning showed itself in his early works, mostly pencil sketches, which were highly detailed in their representation of the objects on focus. Initially, when he started painting his works of art, his choice of colors mostly revolved around warm earthy colors like dark brown. Later, a visit to The Hague and interactions with the master painters there convinced him to add more bright colors like yellow, red, blue, etc., to his standard palette.

Van Gogh spent his final years in abject poverty, surviving only on bread, coffee and tobacco. His body took a heavy blow from his unhealthy habits and he fell sick frequently. In 1890, heartbroken from lack of success and loneliness, he committed suicide, saying it was “…for the good of all”, thus ending the life of one of the greatest modern artists ever.

During the last two years of his life, Van Gogh painted most of his major works, including his most famous works, “Starry Night” and “Café Terrace at Night”. From 1880 to 1890 this prolific painter had created over 900 oil paintings and over 1100 sketch works. Most of his famous works never received much enthusiasm from art dealers or collectors during his lifetime. However, about 11 years after his death, his paintings started receiving widespread acceptance from art collectors. Today, Vincent Van Gogh’s works are among the most sought after artworks in the world.

Claude Oscar Monet (14 November 1840 – 5 December 1926) was the founder of the genre of Impressionism in painting. Even the name of this relatively new genre was coined from the name of his famous artwork, “Impression: Sunrise”. His paintings not only gave rise to a new branch of artistry, those also served as ideal guidelines for followers of his genre. A contemporary of eminent artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Monet is known for his use of rich hues of red, yellow, etc., in subtle tones and his preference for landscape paintings. His technique is now famous as “plein-air landscape painting”, the word “plein” meaning “outdoor” in French. It involves falling back on nature for inspiration for artworks, instead of opting for human models.

Claude Monet attended the Le Havre Secondary School of the Arts at a young age. During his time at the college, he was known for his charcoal-drawn caricatures, which he would sell to art collectors for prices between 10 and 20 francs. Around 1856, Monet met on the beaches of Normandy fellow artist Eugène Boudin who became his mentor and taught him to use oil paint in his artworks. This altered Claude Monet’s approach towards painting and he went on to create some of the finest oil paintings of the world, most of which are well sought after commodities to date.

In 1870, Monet moved to England to escape the horrors of the Franco-Prussian war. There he studied the works of famous landscape painters John Constable and Joseph Mallord William Turner, both of whom greatly influenced his works later. In 1872/1873, Monet painted one of his best works, namely, Impression: Sunrise, which is considered to be the first example of the genre of Impressionism. Some of his other great works include, Vétheuil in the Fog, Saint Lazare Train Station, Seine Basin with Argenteuil, Street near Vétheuil in Winter, Poppies Blooming and Lavacourt: Sunshine and Snow.

Towards his final years, Monet shifted his attention towards other hobbies like gardening. But his pursuit of art did not end till the last day of his life. Monet received widespread acceptance for his stunning works, till he died of lung cancer on 5 December 1926 at the ripe old age of 86. His works are used worldwide till this date as examples of the modern genre of outdoor painting. Most art universities in the world showcase at least one or two works of Claude Monet as one of the greatest painters the world over.

Fine art reproductions on canvas are one of the most magnificent home décor items that can beautify your space like nothing else. Imagine buying a hand-painted reproduction of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night for your bedroom. You will be absolutely amazed at the classical feeling it will impart to your room, while instantly adding that designer look people are searching for today. You will also feel so peaceful and relaxed as you fall asleep every night, as these art reproductions are a great way of cheering up a person and adding a feeling of warmth to your home. Buying oil painting reproductions of famous artwork is the perfect way of giving your home that artistic and designer makeover you always wanted.

Before you go about purchasing art reproductions of famous paintings for your home, consider many factors in your selection process. While shopping, think of which artwork will suit your home the most. Take into account the colors of the walls at home, and also the lighting of the rooms. Also, it is important to determine which room you will hang the artwork in. For instance, a replica of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa may look divine on your living room wall, but it may not be appropriate for your bedroom.

Shopping online from the convenience of your home or office allows you to browse a wide selection of oil painting reproductions that most retail store locations do not have. One such online art gallery, www.GlobalWholesaleArt.com, has thousands of oil paintings to choose from, all sorted by category, artist or art style. Each oil painting can be enlarged to view every detail in the oil painting reproduction. And in the case of Global Wholesale Art, their website displays the actual oil painting reproductions painted by their artists. This is vitally important, so you can truly judge the quality of their artwork and the particular oil painting reproductions you will ultimately hang on your walls. Be aware that most other websites only display the museum scans of the original masterpieces, which unfortunately does not give you an idea of how the reproductions will look when you receive them. It is also very important that you purchase your oil painting reproductions from a reputable company. Check to see if they are highly rated by a consumer protection organization like the Better Business Bureau. Click on the BBB link on their website and thoroughly read the report on the company. Also, don’t forget to check out some customer testimonials before you place your order. Lastly, ask them about their return policy.

Once you have placed your order, you are on your way to giving your home a classical makeover. Now, go ahead and invite some friends and relatives over and flaunt your new home décor with pride and satisfaction.

Did you know that an auction held at Sotheby’s in 2007 for Rembrandt’s half length portrait of St James the Greater fetched the auction house a hefty $28,500,000? Van Gogh’s “L’Arlesienne, Madame Ginoux” sold at an estimated $40.3 million dollars while Picasso’s “Le Repos” went for a staggering $34.7 million! The writing on the wall is clear. Authentic oil paintings are destined to grace only the walls of the finest museums or for the ultra wealthy art collector that can afford such exorbitant prices. So, what if you are an art enthusiast and you want to enjoy a classic oil painting in your own home or office?

There is a simple and very affordable solution. Buy yourself a high-quality oil painting reproduction on canvas, hand-painted on canvas by a talented and skilled artist!

High-quality reproduction oil paintings add class, elegance and beauty to your décor. Even when you’re on a tight budget, you can spruce up the look of your rooms through reproduction oil paintings.

It is wrong to believe that reproduction oil paintings are in any way a compromise, except of course that they do not come with the signature of the original great master. The very technique of oil painting reproduction is very complicated and is handled only by expert artists. Companies like Global Wholesale Art that sells reproduction oil paintings, commission highly skilled artists to paint the finest works of art for their clients. They use superior quality oil paints and take particular care to remove any acidic properties of the oil. Then, the pigment is mixed with other additives to generate all the multicolor effects and tones that you might see in the original.

Oil paintings are generally preferred for reproduction work because they add elegance, style and color to any living space. Oil paintings on canvas last for generations and can bring you many years of joy and satisfaction. That is why so many people purchase high-quality reproduction oil paintings from reputable online galleries to decorate their office walls, living rooms or bedrooms. Oil paintings are available in a multitude of sizes, and you can even specify the particular custom size that you want depending on your wall size.

Many masterpieces originally painted by artists like Vincent van Gogh; Rembrandt and Leonardo da Vinci are now available to art lovers all over the world through the availability of reproduction oil paintings. This highly specialized yet affordable technique has made it possible for people to add glamour and glitter to their rooms at an affordable price. Reproduction oil paintings can be selected easily from an online catalog. You can order your oil painting in any size you wish and even get it framed before it is delivered at your doorstep.

A beautiful oil painting can add a magnificent array of colors, textures and depth to any room in your home or office. It will give you and your loved ones many hours of joyful viewing pleasure. Thanks to the talented and skilled artists that hand-paint reproduction oil paintings, it is now possible for ordinary people to enjoy the ultimate beauty of a Van Gogh or a Monet masterpiece.

For a long while, magnificent abstract oil paintings were for the pleasure of a privileged few. Abstract masterpieces were either seen in museums or within the private confines of an art collector’s rooms. The average person could never imagine possessing a truly beautiful abstract oil painting. However, all that has changed with the arrival of beautiful handmade oil painting reproductions on canvas.

Abstract oil paintings are unique because of many reasons. For one thing, not everyone likes an abstract. It takes a special kind of sensitivity to fall in love with an abstract oil painting. That is because abstract oil paintings use form and color in a nonrepresentational way. It does not seek to represent life as it really is; instead, it shows the artist’s perception of life in all its transcendental beauty. And since it offers a glimpse into the artist’s psyche, it can often be strikingly colorful and strangely captivating. To many people, abstract oil paintings capture the unchangeable intrinsic qualities, or the ‘spirit’, of an object. Additionally, abstract oil paintings have their roots deeply entrenched in history. They have been influenced by a number of religious and cultural movements. Today, a beautiful abstract oil painting can become an entity of thoughtful meditation in its own right.

Most famous masters of abstract work have their oil paintings on canvas. One of the most famous artists who come to mind is Picasso. There have been many others like Boccioni, Macke and Schiele.

Modern abstract oil paintings have a number of ardent fans, due to the fact that modern artists and their styles have become more and more innovative with the passage of time. Abstract oil paintings are also available in diverse styles and themes. You can purchase abstract landscape oil paintings, abstract still life oil paintings, and many others. Thus, there is no lack of variety, style, form and color to choose from.

Nowadays, there are a number of highly qualified and dedicated artists who reproduce abstract masterpieces of the past. This makes it possible for lovers of abstract art oil paintings to decorate their homes, offices or other personal spaces with works of art that they love and cherish. Replica oil paintings are works of art in themselves because they are hand-painted with loving care on high quality canvas by dedicated artists. Therefore, attention is given to minute details and all care is taken to reproduce a work of art in its full glory and beauty. Since they are replicas, oil painting reproductions on canvas are priced very competitively. Accessibility is also not an issue, as you can easily buy an oil painting from a reputable online gallery, such as GlobalWholesaleArt.com, a company that is dedicated to selling museum quality hand-painted replicas. All you have to do is browse their extensive collection, pick your favorite oil painting and place your order.

Claude Monet and John Constable are considered to be some of the most famous landscape painters of all times. However, did you know that at one time landscape painting was considered inferior to other forms of painting? Landscape paintings first appeared in Europe in the 15th century where it formed a backdrop for the main subject. Between the 15th and the 19th centuries, landscape oil paintings created a niche for themselves. Artists like J.M.W. Turner were preoccupied with the play of color and the effects of light on the atmosphere. It is from these influences that we see the first traces of the great landscaping tradition. By the 1800s, landscape oil paintings had arrived in a big way.

There are several reasons for the popularity of landscape oil paintings. Many famous painters translated the sense of awe and humility that they felt in the presence of majestic landscapes to their paintings. The use of color, shades and lines emphasize a certain atmosphere and create a certain aura that is irresistible in its mystique and majesty. Some painters became famous for their representations of specific regions. For instance, Paul Cezanne has painted the famous Sainte-Victoire Mountains in France at least eight times. In his attempts, the artist has contrived to represent the landscape through the changing lens of time and weather.

Jan Vemeer and Rembrandt later followed in the same vein. In the latter half of the 18th century, there is a noted recurrence of water and sky themes, as opposed to verdant wooded lands and mountains. Skies and seas depicting violent turbulence became very popular. Monet developed this technique even further. Many artists that followed him were practically obsessed with the play of light on water.

Some of the famous landscape oil paintings capture the beauty of the sun beginning to set over the horizon, casting its light on its surroundings and illuminating the blades of grass that grow around. Impressive paintings of majestic mountains invoke both awe and a feeling of surrealism. Many of these painters enjoyed experimenting with colors while quietly blurring the edges between reality and surrealism.

Authentic landscape paintings by the Great Masters can cost you millions of dollars. So it is pretty obvious that most of us cannot afford to buy these masterpieces in their original form. But, there is nothing to keep us from enjoying their beauty. Hand-painted art reproductions on canvas are a new kind of art form that involves the reproduction of famous oil paintings. Specialized online companies, like Global Wholesale Art, allow you to select a particular painting from their vast repertoire of landscape oil paintings. After you specify the size that you want, a highly qualified artist is commissioned and starts working on your oil painting. The entire process of fine art reproduction is slow because particular care is taken in the creation of your oil painting and every single brushstroke is applied by hand. The final oil painting is guaranteed to bring you the same sense of joy, awe and thrill that you felt while viewing the original masterpiece.