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Claude Monet and John Constable are considered to be some of the most famous landscape painters of all times. However, did you know that at one time landscape painting was considered inferior to other forms of painting? Landscape paintings first appeared in Europe in the 15th century where it formed a backdrop for the main subject. Between the 15th and the 19th centuries, landscape oil paintings created a niche for themselves. Artists like J.M.W. Turner were preoccupied with the play of color and the effects of light on the atmosphere. It is from these influences that we see the first traces of the great landscaping tradition. By the 1800s, landscape oil paintings had arrived in a big way.

There are several reasons for the popularity of landscape oil paintings. Many famous painters translated the sense of awe and humility that they felt in the presence of majestic landscapes to their paintings. The use of color, shades and lines emphasize a certain atmosphere and create a certain aura that is irresistible in its mystique and majesty. Some painters became famous for their representations of specific regions. For instance, Paul Cezanne has painted the famous Sainte-Victoire Mountains in France at least eight times. In his attempts, the artist has contrived to represent the landscape through the changing lens of time and weather.

Jan Vemeer and Rembrandt later followed in the same vein. In the latter half of the 18th century, there is a noted recurrence of water and sky themes, as opposed to verdant wooded lands and mountains. Skies and seas depicting violent turbulence became very popular. Monet developed this technique even further. Many artists that followed him were practically obsessed with the play of light on water.

Some of the famous landscape oil paintings capture the beauty of the sun beginning to set over the horizon, casting its light on its surroundings and illuminating the blades of grass that grow around. Impressive paintings of majestic mountains invoke both awe and a feeling of surrealism. Many of these painters enjoyed experimenting with colors while quietly blurring the edges between reality and surrealism.

Authentic landscape paintings by the Great Masters can cost you millions of dollars. So it is pretty obvious that most of us cannot afford to buy these masterpieces in their original form. But, there is nothing to keep us from enjoying their beauty. Hand-painted art reproductions on canvas are a new kind of art form that involves the reproduction of famous oil paintings. Specialized online companies, like Global Wholesale Art, allow you to select a particular painting from their vast repertoire of landscape oil paintings. After you specify the size that you want, a highly qualified artist is commissioned and starts working on your oil painting. The entire process of fine art reproduction is slow because particular care is taken in the creation of your oil painting and every single brushstroke is applied by hand. The final oil painting is guaranteed to bring you the same sense of joy, awe and thrill that you felt while viewing the original masterpiece.


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