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Fine art reproductions on canvas are one of the most magnificent home décor items that can beautify your space like nothing else. Imagine buying a hand-painted reproduction of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night for your bedroom. You will be absolutely amazed at the classical feeling it will impart to your room, while instantly adding that designer look people are searching for today. You will also feel so peaceful and relaxed as you fall asleep every night, as these art reproductions are a great way of cheering up a person and adding a feeling of warmth to your home. Buying oil painting reproductions of famous artwork is the perfect way of giving your home that artistic and designer makeover you always wanted.

Before you go about purchasing art reproductions of famous paintings for your home, consider many factors in your selection process. While shopping, think of which artwork will suit your home the most. Take into account the colors of the walls at home, and also the lighting of the rooms. Also, it is important to determine which room you will hang the artwork in. For instance, a replica of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa may look divine on your living room wall, but it may not be appropriate for your bedroom.

Shopping online from the convenience of your home or office allows you to browse a wide selection of oil painting reproductions that most retail store locations do not have. One such online art gallery, www.GlobalWholesaleArt.com, has thousands of oil paintings to choose from, all sorted by category, artist or art style. Each oil painting can be enlarged to view every detail in the oil painting reproduction. And in the case of Global Wholesale Art, their website displays the actual oil painting reproductions painted by their artists. This is vitally important, so you can truly judge the quality of their artwork and the particular oil painting reproductions you will ultimately hang on your walls. Be aware that most other websites only display the museum scans of the original masterpieces, which unfortunately does not give you an idea of how the reproductions will look when you receive them. It is also very important that you purchase your oil painting reproductions from a reputable company. Check to see if they are highly rated by a consumer protection organization like the Better Business Bureau. Click on the BBB link on their website and thoroughly read the report on the company. Also, don’t forget to check out some customer testimonials before you place your order. Lastly, ask them about their return policy.

Once you have placed your order, you are on your way to giving your home a classical makeover. Now, go ahead and invite some friends and relatives over and flaunt your new home décor with pride and satisfaction.


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There is something about an art reproduction on canvas that makes an oil painting come alive. Don’t believe me? Check out the prints and posters of famous oil paintings. You will find that they have the same clarity, attention to detail and color that is present in the original. They have everything except one crucial component: life!

Hand-painted art reproductions on canvas have a beautiful lifelike texture that you cannot miss. Similar prints on any other media appear flat and lifeless and often lack texture, depth and volume. You will recognize this difference the moment you look at a computerized print of the Mona Lisa or some other famous work of art.

The reason for this difference is the inherent quality of canvas. If you notice, great artists everywhere have used canvas to depict their oil paintings for generations. This is because oil paintings that are directly hand-painted on canvas have a beautiful texture to them. Oil paints gel very well with canvas, due to the fact that canvas has an uncanny ability to bring out even the slightest of shades in the paint. Thus paint mixtures with all their muted glow, shade and tone come out richly depicted when done on canvas. Besides, canvas is durable and capable of representing the minutest of details.

This is precisely why art reproductions on canvas are becoming increasingly popular. Unlike transferable prints, art reproductions are hand-painted on canvas by highly skilled artists. Hand-painted works are equal to the beauty of the originals, because the artists who work on them have completed many years of training at the finest art academies. These artists specialize in the medium of oil on canvas and they understand the emphasis and importance of aesthetics, style and technique. Every oil painting is meticulously painted to match brushstroke to brushstroke. To ensure authenticity, the artists utilize the same time-honored traditions followed by the renowned artists they are reproducing.

Art reproductions on canvas are specially formulated using rich and vibrant colors. Precise color mixing takes place to bring about a perfect blend of colors. High-quality brushes give the artists maximum control over their brushstrokes. In addition, these art reproductions on canvas are created in such a way as to ensure maximum longevity so that you can enjoy the finest oil paintings for many years, without any fear of them fading.

Considering the amount of time and care that goes into the creation of these fine art reproductions on canvas, there is little to differentiate them from the masterpieces. Each of these reproductions are designed and created to enhance the beauty of their surroundings and to provide many hours of viewing pleasure.

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