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Oil paintings on canvas are beautiful and everlasting in their appeal. The Mona Lisa, painted by Leonardo da Vinci in the 16th Century is still famous for its artistic and timeless beauty. Oil paintings created by the Great Masters of art can be great additions to your home, but acquiring the original masterpieces may not be monetarily feasible. Needless to say, we all know that you can’t have the original Mona Lisa gracing your living room! That is where reproduction paintings come in. Reproduction paintings are your one stop solution for decorating your home with great quality artwork at a fraction of the price.

Reproduction paintings are created by first acquiring a highly detailed photograph of the original artwork for reference. With that in hand, the artist gets to work. An outline is first created on a blank artist grade canvas, and then painted layer by layer with colors of oil paint. The process of hand-painted reproduction of artwork is a time-consuming process, often requiring days or even weeks to finish. The canvas and colors used in reproduction painting always resemble that of the original, and are often superior in quality compared to the actual artwork.

Reproduction paintings, once created, are coated with clear lacquer to make them water and dust proof. This protects the oil painting and greatly extends its life. A reproduction of an oil painting often comes with a warranty of some kind. So, if you find any defects in the oil painting after you have purchased it, simply ask your dealer or retailer for a replacement.

Reproduction paintings can be easily acquired if you look for them online. Many online sites, such as www.GlobalWholesaleArt.com, offer magnificent hand-painted reproduction paintings at very reasonable prices. Reproduction oil paintings require the utmost skill to be created properly. Consider this fact carefully when buying hand-painted oil paintings online. It is best if you buy from websites that have an impeccable reputation, utilize highly trained artists, and are rated by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

Once you have purchased a reproduction painting, make sure you hang it up properly. Add proper lighting to bring out the inner beauty of the artwork. Also, hang it in a prominent place, where it is readily visible to all. Reproduction oil paintings will no doubt add an elegant look to your home, while giving the owner years of viewing pleasure! So, go ahead, get a reproduction oil painting for your home today and give it a artistic makeover!


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