Global Wholesale Art Corporation, the leading source for handmade oil paintings on canvas, has recently received numerous e-mail testimonials from customers detailing their overall satisfaction with the quality of the oil paintings purchased, including rave reviews on the first-class service given to each customer. With over 20,000 different oil painting choices on their website, www.GlobalWholesaleArt.com, deciding on the style of the oil painting, along with the proper size and color coordination with your room’s décor can sometimes be a daunting task. The art designers at Global Wholesale Art make it easy and worry-free by taking you step-by-step through the process. First their art designers will ask a few questions regarding the furniture in your room, the color of the walls, and the dimensions of the wall that you wish to hang your new oil painting on. Then, their art designers will narrow down the selection process by finding out which art styles work with their customer’s individual tastes in art.

Lowell F. Schneider, President and CEO of Global Wholesale Art, has assembled a team of art professionals that are second to none. “Our professional art designers have years of experience in the art field and are quite adept at assisting our customers in making spectacular selections of oil paintings for their home or office. Best of all, the design service is completely complimentary and there is absolutely no obligation or pressure to make a purchase”, said Schneider.

A recent customer of Global Wholesale Art, Tricia Stoetzel of Winston-Salem, North Carolina wrote the following testimonial describing her buying experience: “This testimonial is long overdue. Your company has brought so much beauty into my home. The beauty of your staff’s personalities has accompanied the paintings into my home and life. This is the “IT” factor regarding your company and service. When I first unveiled my Gustav Klimt painting at home, tears flowed! The artist captured the essence just as Klimt had. This I never expected. Up until now, I have only purchased prints. After purchasing your oils, there will never be another print on my walls! The oils that I have purchased from your company are the “Jewels” of my home, as the designer I am working with has told me. Although all of my furniture is new and my home is an award winning custom built home, all the attention rests upon the beauty of my oil paintings!!”

“I feel that referring my friends and neighbors to your company is a gift to THEM, because most people would want to keep this treasure all to themselves. I have many friends and family and nobody has this quality of art on their walls. But they soon will, because the prints, transfers, etc. just pale in comparison. There is no “going back”. My very best friend is a docent and a world travelled art expert and admirer. On her last visit, she finally saw my new house and oils. She was amazed and somewhat shocked at the quality of the oils. Because of her experience in the art world, her approval was the “icing on the cake” as they say. She indicated that most companies sell “oil transfers” and bill them as oils, or sell oils of extremely poor quality. Yours were truly magnificent she said. I agree! She also was extremely surprised at how reasonable your prices are. It is clear that although this is a business, this is also a passion for your company. You could easily be charging 2 to 3 times your price and get it. But your mission is clearly to make art affordable to the masses by keeping the prices affordable and making a lot less profit. God bless you for that!”

“I feel so blessed to have found your company! I am so picky when it comes to bringing anything into my home, because I feel it is an extension of me. I am honored to hang your art on my wall and if anyone would like to talk to me personally, feel free to give them my cell number. I hope that all your goodness comes back to you 100 fold, because you are bringing so much beauty to this world. Not many people can say that they make a difference in the lives of others on a daily basis in business. You can! I envy you. Please accept my sincere gratitude and appreciation for sharing your wisdom, expertise and passion with me and my family.”

Another customer, Mr. & Mrs. Bardos, from Calumet, Michigan, was so impressed with the quality of the oil painting and the first-class service they received from Global Wholesale Art, that they also wrote the following testimonial:

“We have been searching for two years for the perfect painting to complete our living room. When I found your site online and began looking around, there for the first time I easily found the perfect painting for our home. Your wonderful staff did a great job. They took the extra time needed to help us and make sure we were happy with our purchase. The communication between your staff and your clients is definitely beyond compare. Ecstatic isn’t even a strong enough word to express how much this beautiful painting, “The Dinner Party” looks hanging in our living room. Also, I’d like to thank your artist, “F. Annesley”, who captured the work of art so perfectly.”

“We were so pleased to find out that you were just beginning to also frame these works of art. And may I say what a perfect job you did in that regard! The frame is a work of art on its own! It adds the elegance of the Victorian era that we were searching for, but could not find anywhere else. Your fast service and the expert care you took in the shipping of our painting could not have been better. Our painting arrived in perfect condition, ready to hang and enjoy! Thank you a million times over! I know we will be doing more business with you again. And we will definitely recommend Global Wholesale Art to our friends and family!”

One of the fastest selling oil paintings at Global Wholesale Art is the hand-painted family portraits that are painted from our customer’s family photos. Our talented master artists paint oil paintings from photos of weddings, graduations, baby portraits, family portraits, dogs, cats, houses, cars, and so much more. One recent customer, Dr. Robert Johr, M.D., a world renowned dermatologist from Boca Raton, Florida, contacted us to paint an oil painting of his beloved dog, Max. He was so thrilled with his oil painting that he wrote the following testimonial:

“The custom oil painting portrait of my dog is fantastic! You have become a therapist in the sense that your oil paintings bring great joy to those who are fortunate enough to be aware of Global Wholesale Art. Last night we had a medical scare with Max, our Yorkie, which makes one realize how much a little dog can be loved. My first reaction when seeing the oil painting of Max was that it actually brought a tear to my eye. Thanks again!”

One of the main specialties at Global Wholesale Art is the painting of fine hand-painted reproductions of the world’s most famous masterpieces by the Great Masters, such as Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, Rembrandt, Da Vinci, and hundreds of other renowned artists. One recent customer, Dr. Robert McCabe M.D., of Tucson, Arizona wrote:

“I tried numerous times to get companies to reproduce oil paintings of the Great Masters. Although the ones I have received are good, they often look more like glorified posters that would be on the wall of a student’s dorm room. These companies do an adequate job on the image, but sadly lack the important textures and strokes which give one the sense of the emotions the master was feeling while he painted. Without this feeling, the great paintings are not really reproduced.”

“I found Global Wholesale Art while surfing the internet the other day. When I clicked on their images, their paintings seemed to capture this missing feeling that the poster-like paintings lack from other companies. I decided to try and purchase one of their paintings. I ordered “Irises”, by Van Gogh. When my wife and I unrolled the painting, it was clearly unique from the other companies. The textures and brush strokes were there. This painting has the life that the original artist was trying to capture. I would strongly recommend this company. I can not say enough of how impressed I was… I felt like I was looking at the original. Thank You Global Wholesale Art.”

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There is something about an art reproduction on canvas that makes an oil painting come alive. Don’t believe me? Check out the prints and posters of famous oil paintings. You will find that they have the same clarity, attention to detail and color that is present in the original. They have everything except one crucial component: life!

Hand-painted art reproductions on canvas have a beautiful lifelike texture that you cannot miss. Similar prints on any other media appear flat and lifeless and often lack texture, depth and volume. You will recognize this difference the moment you look at a computerized print of the Mona Lisa or some other famous work of art.

The reason for this difference is the inherent quality of canvas. If you notice, great artists everywhere have used canvas to depict their oil paintings for generations. This is because oil paintings that are directly hand-painted on canvas have a beautiful texture to them. Oil paints gel very well with canvas, due to the fact that canvas has an uncanny ability to bring out even the slightest of shades in the paint. Thus paint mixtures with all their muted glow, shade and tone come out richly depicted when done on canvas. Besides, canvas is durable and capable of representing the minutest of details.

This is precisely why art reproductions on canvas are becoming increasingly popular. Unlike transferable prints, art reproductions are hand-painted on canvas by highly skilled artists. Hand-painted works are equal to the beauty of the originals, because the artists who work on them have completed many years of training at the finest art academies. These artists specialize in the medium of oil on canvas and they understand the emphasis and importance of aesthetics, style and technique. Every oil painting is meticulously painted to match brushstroke to brushstroke. To ensure authenticity, the artists utilize the same time-honored traditions followed by the renowned artists they are reproducing.

Art reproductions on canvas are specially formulated using rich and vibrant colors. Precise color mixing takes place to bring about a perfect blend of colors. High-quality brushes give the artists maximum control over their brushstrokes. In addition, these art reproductions on canvas are created in such a way as to ensure maximum longevity so that you can enjoy the finest oil paintings for many years, without any fear of them fading.

Considering the amount of time and care that goes into the creation of these fine art reproductions on canvas, there is little to differentiate them from the masterpieces. Each of these reproductions are designed and created to enhance the beauty of their surroundings and to provide many hours of viewing pleasure.

If you are looking for a unique gift idea, then a hand-painted oil painting on canvas could very well be THE gift to give someone special in your life. You have probably viewed famous oil paintings by renowned artists like Van Gogh, Monet or Rembrandt in museums the world over; and you already know that most people cannot afford to own original oil paintings by these great masters. However, that is no reason for you or a loved one not to experience the pleasure of enjoying these masterpieces in your own home or office.

You can now enjoy the beauty of “The Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh, “Water Lilies” by Monet or “Night Watch” by Rembrandt in the living room of your home at truly affordable prices by ordering a hand-painted reproduction on canvas of these famous masterpieces. Our master artists specialize in handmade art reproductions on canvas, painting every brushstroke to re-create the original in all its beauty, character and minute details. Unlike prints and canvas transfers, these oil paintings are done by hand and therefore reflect the similar vibrant colors and quality of workmanship that you see in the originals.

If you are wondering why you should choose an oil painting on canvas as a unique gift idea, there is no better reason than the fact that oil paintings on canvas will always retain its beauty and can be passed down from generation to generation. Oil paintings have that timeless quality about them, so you can be rest assured that the gift you give will be a treasure forever.

Most companies that offer high-quality oil paintings on canvas commission master artists that have years of training in creating museum quality art reproductions. The ultimate goal is that the finished oil painting reproduction reflects all the details in the original oil painting, so that the finished oil painting on canvas looks like the genuine masterpiece. By ordering a reproduction of a well-known work of art and presenting it to someone you care, you are giving them a gift that they can enjoy every time they look at it. On your part, you can be happy that you have presented them something priceless at an affordable cost.